Monday, December 10, 2007


The rules are simple.

1. One VOTE per-person- Per Match. NO voting for Yourself!
2. Vote on the "TEAM" that you think would beat the other "TEAM" in each match.
3. Keep it clean - No ripping on someones art.
4. Voting ends in "FIVE DAYS" 12-14-07 {at midnight of the comment time-code.}
5. In the event of a tie -Best out of 3 coin toss to determine the winner.
6. Make sure your vote is CLEAR- with the name of the TEAM at the bottom of your comment.
7. VOTERS must have a "Complete Profile"- your vote will be void if the USER PROFILE is not legit. (Please have a link to a working Blog or Website.)
8. VOTING ONLY on comments, except for writing how you see the match going down.
10. After you vote- click on your user name link. If it doesn't let you view your user profile- please change that so it can be viewed.
11. You may change your vote- as long as you delete your first comment, and you get the second vote in before the polls close at midnight.

1 comment:

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