Sunday, December 9, 2007



wintermonkey said...

congrats blue bloodz!
i drew murray the manager of the Extreme Radical Molten Action Force
Brian Gubicza( drew Sir Leslie "axeford" Farthington and Spacesick (
drew The Baron Von Kruschlotz

Pressman said...

The Super Naturals

Free Kitten:
Alice Wetterlund

Ghost Axe:
Jacob Stoltz

Spooky Friend:
Andy Pressman

MrColinP said...
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MrColinP said...

Very happy to see the Blue Bloodz win!

I was a member of the blink and you'd miss 'em The Brothers McKillstaine.

I drew Rockets Erickson.

Jeremy Gregory (artist of the excellent comic Here There Be Robots) drew The Lochness Mobster:

I'll let the incomparable Sir Wallace Burns introduce himself...

Kazimir said...

Congratulations Blue Bloodz!
We were the Mountain Cli-Mates!

Ken Dahl

Aaron Mew:

Kaz Strzepek

Sorry we didn't get a smak talk in on time for the final round... That was my fault. Click on my handle if you wanna see part of it. Thanks for being so gentle, dudes. It was fun!

Ming Doyle said...

Yay, FACA! We were the Ladyfingers.

"Milly," by Lucy Knisley

"Lilly," by Alisa O

"The Dowager Killstress," by Ming Doyle

MrColinP said...

I LOVED The Ladyfingers. They're in my top 3 teams of this whole competition. Great job.

MrColinP said...

Who were the Twilight Terrors?

BLDawley said...

I am Sir Wallace Burns.

I want to thank Colin P. for being such a sport and handling alot of the footwork that this called for. your reward is in heaven. and when I say "heaven" I mean the USPS. I also want to thank the Lochness Mobster for having such a kickass creator. It was great managing 2 talented sunzab#%che$.

one last limerick for all y'all suckas:

We are the Brothers McKillstaine
We love to bring the McKillpaine
The votes were all wrong
And now we are gone
I hold my burnt head in McKillshame

In the graceful words of my flaming forefather,
"We've been SPUILZIED!!"

Steve Rolston said...

Oh yeah, the Lady Ghastlies were...

Ophisterna Infernale by Ian Christy -

Gatlynn by Brandon Reimchen

Ecto by Steve Rolston -

escapegoat said...

I forgot all about this thread. Here's my team, the Hornblowers.

Sweet Sixsixsixteen - Patricia Villanueva -

Brilliant Spears - Raúl Villanueva -

Holy Mackerel - Tyler Ragan -