Thursday, April 26, 2007


In order for your vote to count, and for you to particape in FACA3, you need a complete user profile.

What is a complete user profile?

I am looking for something that describes who you are- it doesnt have to be super detailed, giving away your personal info- but the profile will need to have a link to a working website and or blog. Now, I dont mean when I go to the blog that it says "Hey , dude- I made a blog- I am going to do something soon." No- it has to be legit.

What is Legit? Go into the championship match comments and Click on the user comment links. Those are legit.

I have clicked on some of the user links and they bring me to error- that doesnt let me view user profile. I knew a couple of the people and it is something that can be fixed- just go into your blog profile and change your settings so it can be viewed.

All comments that are not legit will be deleted.

Thank you.


FAKE BLOG said...

This is not a good user profile- Plus it shows that I can use a fake email and make a fake vote.


Night Flyer said...

I only recently discovered Fist-A-Cuffs through a link on The Beat. Is my profile complete enough?

(I don't use this account for anything but commenting on friends' blogs.)

ArtistXero said...

Like this?

Mister Tan said...

night flyer your good-

artistxero- you are too.


Serapio Calm said...

Count me in.

luca said...

Hi! Wanna take a part on this awesome "beat us up all-community".
I'm sorry but I wanna know if my poor blog is good, I got a site too.

Please let me know I'm ultra-excited for it!
Thank you!

thedave said...

Ciao Luca! Your stuff looks really good man!

Paul Conrad said...

Luca you rock.

Mister Tan said...

Serapio, Luca- love your blogs-- email me-

sam {at}

for the rules- but put the @ in the correct place.


chris stevens said...

i've been following and voting since the tag teams this ok..?


fellipe said...

I want to participate!

you got all the info on my profile and blog